Small Update

I’ve been writing blog posts everyday, but I’ve found people that pay for them so I haven’t been as active on WordPress as I like. I’m also getting busier at work and with my hobbies, so that’s taking time too.

However, I know I can still make time to do this, I’ve just got to find it. I know of a few spots during the day where I’m being time inefficient, and I’ll try to optimize them in the coming weeks.

Something I’ve been thinking about is how to navigate my twenties. Our company   purchased a tool from another company in 2013, which is a virtual agent to handle customer claims, and we laid off thousands of call center employees.

AI/Automation is coming, and members of the current workforce such as myself must develop skills that will be hard to automate for the next 40-50 years if we are to survive.


Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

2 thoughts on “Small Update”

  1. Scarily similar how my situation is to yours. Recent grad as well, starting tech sales career in a little bit. Found this from wsp… kinda funny how those who are looking for the “higher reality” end up in the same places.

    Agree that passion is a luxury, not against people exploring their passions but what happens when people are middle-aged and have no savings to live off of? Anyway, you have at least one person who really connects with what you write.

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    1. We maybe see eye to eye on alot of these issues due to the similarity of our situation. Will be interesting to see how the next decade pans out for us.

      I’m currently finding a very hard time writing for (free) when I write for others (for money). Quite true when they state blogging should be a hobby.


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