Sales Letter Practice 1 – Review

Last week, I wrote a sales letter for a product(shirt stays). I wrote it with three rules –

  1. Must be written to persuade a person to buy
  2. Must be a product that is actually good and will benefit lives
  3. Must not be crafted in a deceitful manner

By the way, the Amazon link I put was not an affiliate link. I made nothing from that post, nor do I stand to gain much. The only benefit I receive is practicing my writing skills.

As a person in enterprise sales, my ability to sell with words could make or break very lucrative prospecting opportunities.

I’m proud to announce that my sales letter achieved the highest views and likes anything on this blog has ever gotten.

I’d just like to go ahead and explain my three rules of writing and how I think.

Rule 1: Must be written to persuade a person to buy

One thing I learned in sales is you never get anything if you don’t ask for it. There may be some sites that review products and attach affiliate links by them, but I wanted a blog post where I asked for a sale.

People generally buy something if it’s good and they trust the salesman (with a few exceptions).

Rule 2: Must be a product that is actually good and will benefit lives

This rule is here for two reasons.

First, selling a good product and not snake oil has the competitive advantage of retaining lifetime value of a customer.

Secondly, it’s unwise to promote shitty products when it’s coming from your mouth. Your credibility and popularity plummet quickly.

Third, I made a personal decision to never hurt others after I’ve seen MLMs destroy lives. My mother was manipulated by an MLM salesman once, and I’ve seen a few other instances of folks fucking other people over to get by. I will never sell snake oil and I’d rather starve because I’ve seen just how rotten people can be for a few dollars.

Rule 3: Must not be crafted in a deceitful manner 

I told you a true story about myself. I did work at a BB bank, and I did present a project with unruly clothes.

I did wonder why all these slender men in magazines look so dapper in their dress clothes, while my fit looked like it was rummaged out of a charity bin.

The alternatives ARE tailoring, re buying our wardrobes, and convoluted methods of neatness.

Everything I said was the TRUTH.

Closing Remarks

I will never sell you garbage(unless we’re talking high quality, odor-eliminating drawstring bags) because I’ve seen first-hand how slimy, dirty, and empty salesmen work and it makes me want to both throw up and get violent.

In the future, I will attempt to persuade you to buy products that will add value to your life, and I will do it in a truthful manner.

This helps me because I improve my writing skill (each purchase is an affirmation of quality), and this helps you add tangible and/or quantifiable value to your life. What I’m doing is creating a win-win situation.

Right now, I’m testing a portfolio of health related “green” supplements (chlorella, spirulina, “green powders”, “superfood powders”, etc), and I hope I can bring you good news in a few months.



Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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