A Product That Will Change the Way You Wear Dress Shirts Forever

Today I discovered an invention that’s going to knock your socks off.

To men (and some) women: Have you ever noticed the annoying “muffin tops” that happen to form when you’re wearing a dress shirt and slacks?

I remember when I first noticed it. I was an intern at a bulge bracket bank, getting ready to pitch a project that I spent almost my entire summer on when I looked down and saw a giant bulge of cloth between my belly button and my belt buckle.

It looked like somebody had shoved an apple down my shirt and the apple fell right on top of my belt buckle! Not only that, I looked down and noticed the dress shirt was jutting out on the sides.

My shirt fit me like extra skin fits a liposuction patient. It was saggy, flabby, and wrinkly.

The entire presentation, I was thinking about how others would judge my appearance. My hair is naturally unkempt, I’m a clumsy guy, but what’s worse – my shirt looked Terrible.

Since that day, I looked for an answer. Why do all these slender men in magazines look so dapper in their dress clothes, while my fit looks like it was rummaged out of a charity bin?

I’d like to give you a visual aid just so you can see what I’m talking about.


Look at the two gentlemen pictured above. Why does the one on the left have a shirt that aggressively poofs out?

There are several reasons for this, and I’ll list a few.

  • Material – Some clothing materials slip and slide more than others
  • Tucking – Some methods of tucking a shirt in are more effective than others
  • Tailoring – A professionally tailored and tapered shirt will look better more often than not
  • Physical Activity – Getting up and down and running around will naturally make a shirt poof out

So, what are our options?

Well… we could revamp our entire wardrobe and spend a shit ton of money on clothes that actually fit us. Or we could go to a tailor and get all of our clothes professionally adjusted. Or we could find some convoluted, inefficient solution such as tucking out shirts in our underwear and duct taping the sides to our thighs.

But for a moment, let me present you with a third option that will fix ALL of your problems for just 20-30$ (Dependent on quality).

Recently, I found out about a contraption called “shirt stays”. These are basically cloth strips that you clip between the top of your sock and the bottom of your dress shirt.

How the product works is it creates friction so whenever your dress shirt wants to poof out and make a muffin top, your socks will pull the cloth which will pull the shirt back down into your pants.

Don’t believe me? Do some research on your own and read the reviews!


With shirt stays, you will NEVER have to constantly retuck your shirt in to get a decent look, and muffin tops will be virtually UNNOTICEABLE. The best part is the shirt stays are so tiny that you could even fit them inside of your pocket.

You will NEVER know when you need to look nice to impress someone. You may have a sudden important presentation to make, run into somebody who’s recruiting for your dream job, or even meet someone cute at the mall. With the power of shirt stays, you can have both a clean appearance and the satisfaction in knowing your shirt is secure.

There is nothing worse than having a shirt ruffle at the sides and poof at the front when you’re in the middle of an important conversation.

I hope this has added value to your life, because I’m ordering mine RIGHT NOW. All I need to do is find another item so I go over 35$ and get free shipping on Amazon 🙂


Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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