How I Will Use the Law of Averages to Skyrocket Viewership (Bold Prediction)

Hi, I’m Wayne. I work in enterprise sales, and by the time I reach my 100th post, my viewership will skyrocket.

I’m going to do this using the law of averages. What is the law of averages you ask?

I’m too lazy to Google it, but how was explained to me is as follows: In sales, you’ll cold call 100 prospects and 98 of them will probably tell you to fuck off. But at least one or two could convert into potential customers.

The law of averages is used in more industries than sales.

Musicians make hundreds/thousands of songs until they get that *one* hit.

Entrepreneurs keep running through ideas until they commit to that *one* business.

You get the point.

What’s going to happen is: I’m going to write blog posts almost every day for the next year, and sometime in that year one of those posts will take off. Once it does, I’ll make a reference back to this post to prove my point.

I predict that I’ll be able to grow my readership by 10,000% in the next year. Here are my current stats.


If I’m still interested in blogging at that point, I’ll scale up even harder, and then monetize all of you while adding value to your lives. For now, I’ll keep being a broke boy.


P.S. I’m potentially starting a *big* project soon. I’ll be writing every day, but I could choose to hold those posts for the time being because I don’t want my ideas to be poached.


Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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