September Monthly Review

I had no idea what to write about today (I’m currently spending most of my writing time freelancing) but I thought I’d just do a quick review on the month of September, and the missions I set out to accomplish. This month, I set out to

  1. Do a hobby 1 hour a day
  2. Write one blog post a day
  3. Make money one hour a day
  4. Wake up at 5AM

Hobby – Failed. 10 Hours total in the last 2 weeks (should be 14)

Blogging – Success. Some posts better than others, but the words don’t flow to me freely yet. Maybe as I improve in writing.

Money – Failed. Too much thumb twiddling – couldn’t find direction and stood still.

Wake up at 5AM – Failed. I’d get up at 5AM (with 6 hours of sleep) and then get sleepy later. That defeats the whole purpose of getting up at 5AM.

Goals for next month: Next month, I’ll (1) try waking up at 6AM every day. I’m also going to (2) try and freelance write for 1 hour every day. I’ll stick with my (3) hobby of making music, and (4) write a blog post every day too.




Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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