How to Save Thousands of Hours a Year – 3 Health and Fitness Tips for the Lazy

Wow, I never though I’d do a listicle when I started this blog but there’s really no better way to present this information to you. I use all of these methods on a daily or semi-regular basis to keep myself fit and healthy. I hope you can derive some value from it as well.

To iterate – the goal of all of these tips is to give you the MAXIMUM HEALTH/FITNESS VALUE for the MINIMUM TIME INVESTMENT. I may expand on this in the future.

(1) Compound Lifts – This one’s been spoken about to death but consider adding compound lifts to your workout routine. You’ll work out several muscle groups (squats) at once, instead of one (bicep curls). Check out 5×5 by Stronglifts.

(2) Gym Scouting – How many times have you went to the gym with an exercise plan, only to find that your required equipment was in use? Then you either have to wait 30 minutes or hope they’re nice enough to let you have a turn during their rest. I suggest taking a week or two to work out at your gym during different times to gauge the activity level of the building.

For example, at my local gym, there are only five Olympic barbells. I know that on Monday-Thursday, there is no chance in HELL I’ll be able to get one in the afternoon, but Friday and Sundays are wide open closer to dinnertime. I’ve adjusted my exercise schedule accordingly. Generally, early mornings are always wide open.

(3) Drink Your Vegetables – Sometimes I have a really hard time eating enough vegetables for the day – so what I’ll do instead is whip them up (with a few chunks of fruit) in a blender and chug it before resuming work-related activities.

Be aware that some greens (kale, spinach) taste much better than others (chard, etc.) I almost threw up once by using an organic spring salad mix with some pineapples and blueberries, but when I substituted the mix with baby spinach, it barely tasted like vegetables at all. Strange. Do consider testing out multiple greens if you’re going to be blending.

If you want to go even further, many grocery stores now carry “superfood mixes”, which is a bunch of vegetables mashed up in a powder form. Sprinkle some of that on top and you’re sure to have a diverse portfolio of vitamins and nutrients in your system. It might not taste the best, but alcohol doesn’t either right?

This isn’t really the way I usually write, but if there’s interest, I might do more stuff like this in the future. Let me know!


Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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