A Post About Nothing

I have nothing on my mind to write about today, but in the interest of refining my writing technique (which is poor), I thought I’d write a post about nothing.

Before I write a post about nothing, here’s a mixtape about nothing (personal favorite).


I’m going to sit back for 5 minutes… and THINK.

Recently, I found out the salary numbers of a few people in my position who are a few years down the line from me. These guys are enterprise sales reps bringing in roughly 100-130K base, and probably 20-30K Commission.

Before I did some occupational research, this number would’ve seemed inhuman to me, now it seems logical – average, even.

I think on a bigger scale, putting myself as a small dot in a large America full of 325 Million dots, and I see the average salary in American households for advanced degree holders is 90K for men and 50K for women (small wikipedia search).

Before anybody says wage-gap, this includes ALL advanced degrees (including social work, liberal arts((puke)), and fine arts(cutthroat)).

At 26, person X is making more than average in enterprise sales. No doubt in this same position he could clear 200-250K in a few years – almost 3x the average for men, and 5x the average for women.

I wonder what these averages mean… Are people simply living as degenerates in our modern society? Or do these averages spike at the ends, having a large amount of STEM degree holders (getting say 150-200K) and a bunch of degenerate degree holders (getting like 50k), which averages us out to the 90k. Or MAYBE… All these Wikipedia statistics are bullshit and I should be doing something more productive with my life… The latter is usually relevant.

I find myself reading, analyzing, and gathering large amounts of information (some of which I file into folders) more than actually taking action. For some reason, that “prep” phase is easier and more natural for me than the execution.

So I’ll stop now, and go execute on something (hopefully)

Until next time,



Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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