How I failed at waking up at 5AM (And What I’ll do to fix it)

Recently I’ve decided I want to wake up at 5-5:15 AM instead of 10-11AM like I usually do. In high school, I used to sleep for 4 hours a night when I really needed to study and got through the day with sheer grit. I’m 22 so in theory I should be at a peak right now – my body can go without 8-10 hours a night.

My original plan consisted of myself subconsciously told myself that: “All I need is willpower, because with that I can overcome anything!”

And you know what? I did wake up at 5AM. Then I went back to sleep and got out of bed 5 hours later. Maybe my willpower’s not strong enough. But my desire is. Even if I don’t (currently) have the strength to get up at that time, I’ll create a system of forcing myself out of bed until I’m comfortable. The system has three levels depending on how stubborn I am in the mornings.

Level 1

  1. Put phone underneath bed with an extremely annoying ringtone.
  2. Internet CUT OFF at 10:30 – read books instead.
  3. Time my sleep cycles to wake up at an optimized time (Currently using

Level 2 – Everything in level 1, PLUS

  1. Use an app (I found) which requires you to walk X amount of steps before the alarm shuts off
  2. Drink a 4-8OZ Glass of water before bedtime
  3. Melatonin (5mg)

Level 3 (Nuclear Option) – Everything in level 2, PLUS 

Haven’t decided yet. Hopefully we won’t have to go here.

I’ll likely report back in a week or two to analyze my findings, and do a subsequent report after that as well.


Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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