The Toxicity of a Victimhood Mindset

I grew up in a questionable area.

It wasn’t the hood, but it wasn’t exactly middle class either. Something in the middle.

Something that never left me was the disdain I felt when my fellow citizens blamed others for their problems.

It’s not (most) rich people’s fault you’re poor, and no, I’m not an uncle Tom.

So many of you are fucking lazy degenerates and refuse to improve yourselves, so you live as a leech off of government benefits while participating in untaxed, illicit activities. There is so much opportunity that you refuse to see because you believe that everybody is out to get you. You carry a chip on your shoulder and you will never amount to anything.

Instead of objectively analyzing the poor decisions you make, you blame others. You go to jail because you rob and deal drugs. You have no money because you purchase things you don’t need. Your child will grow up with no father because you (M) irresponsibly procreated or (F) would rather subject a child to a life of misery than to abort and try again someday.

There are so many opportunities available to you. Companies are fighting each other just to get diversity hires in the office (no intelligence required), and if you have the intelligence, you’re a step ahead of the crowd. Many scholarships and grants are reserved for under represented minorities and those below a certain income level. If you are afraid of debt you are afraid you won’t be able to pay it back. That’s all.

Evolve or die. I thank God everyday that I was somehow able to see things from a big-picture perspective. I don’t know why I think like this. There was nothing special about my rotten childhood that could have influenced it. To the friends I grew up with, I hope we can all get back together some day and have a beer.

“I’m just young dumb and ignorant. I couldn’t go to college, so I settled to be a nigga then. Paper Chasing.”


I will never return.


P.S. (There are more low overhead cost activities than Music and Sports to make it out. See: Affiliate marketing)


Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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