Sunday Book Haul

I’m in a region that will likely get hit with some level of natural disaster in the next week or so, so I thought I’d pick up some books to busy myself with in case the internet goes out. Attached below is a picture of the ones I got today.

The two Zig Ziglar books and the Gallup book were all given to me to read as an assignment by my employer. You’ve probably guessed it, but I work in sales. Enterprise sales, but not as a salesman. I’m going through sales school right now but I’m poised to be a post-sale systems engineer for a large company. However, since I’m in sales school, they’re still trying to teach me “how to sell”. Sure. I guess.

I’ll probably do a post on sales and my journey through it (even though I’m not a salesman) at some later point but… Learning to sell is a skill I should have anyway, especially since I’m thinking of building a site with an online business. The biggest reason why I got these books aside from learning a new skill is to be able to talk about it with folks at the office and sales school. (people like you when you take their suggestions. Zig Ziglar agrees with me)

The last book was on the clearance rack and looked cool and portable so I just picked it up on my way out. Maybe I’ll do book reviews on these books later? I’m trying to post one blog post a day so this could take up some space. I also want to learn how to write better.

My current thoughts are… how do I commit to my 3 hours if I have no electricity next week?

  • Hobby: I can write and practice vocals without electricity.
  • Money: ??? Maybe I’ll read the sales books and draft some sales letters for fake online products? Maybe I’ll practice on my voice? (Zig Ziglar says 5% of the population is born with a good selling voice but more people can learn how to have one) I’ll have to really think about this if the electricity goes out
  • Blogging: I could write posts down offline and then upload them all en masse once the city gets its shit together

Well I’m out of stuff to write. Time to go.


Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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