Mission #1: 3 Hours A Day

Recently, I did some rudimentary calculations on the amount of time I was wasting in the prime of my life (I’m 22).

I enjoy playing video games. Alot. I probably need professional help.

Some of my favorite games include PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, League of Legends, and a slew of MMORPGs (Largest time sinks in existence).

Let’s dissect one video game in particular that I play a bunch in terms of monetary loss due to opportunity cost (in my city).


Yeah I used an Excel table. I used to work at a bulge bracket bank and they made me use it all the time so it stuck.

As you see from the table (by the way I’m using a free WordPress account so I can’t get the plugins to make actual tables) I could make an extra $4.5k a year if I just stopped playing League of Legends and drove for Uber. That’s like… $180K in a span of a full-time career and even more if I put it in some sort of retirement account.

To make things worse… I’m not even including the time I play other games, goof off on social media, YouTube, read pointless articles, and the time I spend waking up.

Maximizing value to me means reducing expenses while increasing income. Since I’ll be investing in myself from now on, these expenses are measured in time. I spend alot of time but I don’t invest alot of it – a poor modus operandi.

My first mission will be to invest three hours in myself every day (for the next month) as follows:

1 Hour – Managing and writing this blog. I’m not a writer by nature (a better speaker tbh) but writing is an invaluable skill to have, whether I’ll be using it for sales letters, emails, or authoring novels (should I have the talent for it). I WILL write a blog post every day. Even if I don’t have shit to write about just to improve my writing abilities.

1 Hour – Hobby (why not?) I enjoy making music right now so I’ll be writing and recording tunes through my audio interface. Who knows? I might have a knack for it.

1 HourWORKING (reading doesn’t count unless I’ve hit a snag) on ANYTHING (building niche sites, writing a book, designing a product) with the end goal of making MONEY. As of now I’m considering building a niche site to learn how to build websites from scratch.

Through thick and thin, no matter how busy I am at work, I pledge to KEEP investing. I read an article about investors during the recession around 2008 the other day. Alot of people took their money out of the market but alot of people grit their teeth and kept investing(and were subsequently rewarded handsomely) so that’s kind of what I’ll do. No matter what – three hours every day. Constant investment.

Wish me luck lads (and ladettes)!


Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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