My List of Grievances (To Myself)

Dear Mr. Wayne…


Dear Wayne,

  1. You are Lazy. Granted, most people are, but since when in your life did you want to be like most people?

  2. You make Excuses. Sure, you grew up dirt poor in a single mother household in the south side (shitty area) of a major city. However, you are an individual and not part of a statistic and therefore able to control your own destiny.

  3. You waste Time. Just because you don’t have to work some days doesn’t justify laying in bed for three hours browsing memes on Reddit. This communicates to yourself that you value your time at $0.

  4. You don’t Do. You read so much about interesting concepts, skills, and actionable advice without ever putting in the work 95% of the time. Reading to improve ones self without action is no improvement at all.

  5. You are Negative. Sure, nobody gives a shit about you. But understand that’s part of human nature. We (almost) always value ourselves above those unknown. You frame everything in a negative mindset which hurts mental health.

  6. You lack Discipline. Let’s just think about all those times where you started a new hobby, skill, or class, committed to it (hard) for two weeks, then lost complete interest. Even as you were improving drastically.

  7. You are Complacent. You have a corporate job and graduated college with a 3.5 GPA. Cool. Is this all you really want life to be? Working M-F to have the weekend free? 30 years for a nice watch? Did you not say at the age of 16 you would be a millionaire by 25? What the hell happened?

There are many more areas of your life deserving valid criticism, but from the top of my head, these are the biggest ones I can think of. Think of what you could accomplish in a day just by investing a few hours of your time into side projects.

Coming up Next: My First Mission

Author: Wayne

Aspiring overachiever.

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